Health and Vaccinations

On the Road to Dadaab- the personal story of Chris, part of the UNICEF team work in the Horn of Africa:
"When Abdile and his children arrived at the Hagadera reception centre, Aden was near death. Lacking the strength even to swallow..."

How can I save a child?
50 NIS will save a malnourished child by providing 20 days of Plumpynut food supplements rich with protein and vitamins 
10 NIS will provide 50 water purification tablets that can give up to 250 liters of drinking water 

Elijah was admitted into the hospital with a severe case of malaria and measles. He was critically ill and suffered dramatic weight loss. He was in Kenyata Hospital for one month. When he returned home from hospital his mother tried very hard to help him gain weight. At age 10 months, he weighed 4.5kilos.